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An ardent knitter and graphic designer by profession Terri J Haynes a resident of Baltimore is not just a vivid reader but a storyteller too. It is her passion for the pen that attracts readers into the story that is knit passionately to bring the joy and laughter into the lives of the readers. Terri was the finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis contest held in the year 2010. She was the semi-finalist in the year 2012. In 2013, she was the quarterfinalist of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Terri is certified in Creative Writing and holds a Masters degree in Theology.

What’s Happening To The Black Males In America?

black male

Free Ya Mind Radio is getting into a subject never ventured before, What’s happening to the black males in America. Are we here to find out more? Is a war expected on the black males in America? Some of the other questions on discuss would be, if there is truth in the statement that American black men are turning gay for a specific agenda and what is the reason for the highest black men population in the prison. Also, find out why black men are being killed by the police. Does it go to prove that America is into racism, working against the black Americans? Go head and find out more on this discussion.