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Detroit Street Racing – An Overview

Street Racing

Is Detroit Street Racing your favorite, check out for more on this talk show. Get to know the best of racing news on what exactly happened on the tracks. This is the place for all call outs on Detroit Street Racing. The show will focus on the past events on the track and also on what is in store for the racing in the future. Listeners are welcome to call and give their opinion on what they think about the race, what changes they would like to see and how to make the race interesting in the future. We are here to discuss your ideas to make the racing better for the future.

Women Auto Buyers

Women Auto Buyers

It is surprising to note the fact that women constitute 60% of auto buyers. Another surprising news is that women auto buyer influence 90% of the purchases. Modern women are no more housewives. They venture out for work and business and experience the need for owning a vehicle. Today’s women no more take care of the household, cook and bring up children. They go a step further and get involved in the decision-making process in the society. Our guest Beth Perro-Jarvis and Mary Van Note from Ginger Minneapolis will be here to share their experience on the importance of women influencing auto buying.