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The Importance Of Loving Oneself


Jacqueline Credle has been signed to be the guest speaker on The Love Journey. Who could be more apt for this subject than Jackie, who is an epithet of loving oneself? It is considered to be the most important task in the world, to love yourself. As there is an old belief that love is the best prescription, love can heal anything, and it is an answer to any question. The presenter talks about how love can change all the dynamic in your life. Love is a transgression and being represented in life. Listeners are taught how to turn up here.

Get Enlightened About Tarot


Do not miss this talk show hosted by Pattie Canova. Using all the candor, wit, perception, insight, experience, symbols and tastes from the Tarot, she is all set to entertain and enlighten her listener. Learn from life experiences and how to walk the road of awakening with master Tarot reader Pattie. Listeners can pose questions on various issues and get enlightened. You can also call for feedbacks and insights. gives insight on subjects you wish to know. You can also write to Pattie with your queries and feedback at [email protected] Tune in to enjoy and get illuminated and informed.

Learn About The Author


An ardent knitter and graphic designer by profession Terri J Haynes a resident of Baltimore is not just a vivid reader but a storyteller too. It is her passion for the pen that attracts readers into the story that is knit passionately to bring the joy and laughter into the lives of the readers. Terri was the finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis contest held in the year 2010. She was the semi-finalist in the year 2012. In 2013, she was the quarterfinalist of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Terri is certified in Creative Writing and holds a Masters degree in Theology.